Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Off The Cuff

Hey!...did I tell ya how much I like my new template? I'm sure you've seen it around, it took me awhile to change because I liked the lighthouse on the other template, but I was limited with what I could edit so it was time for a new look. 

I'll probably mess around with the fonts and see what may catch my eye.

What else...I had something but turned to catch the news for a minute and blew the thought away...don't you hate when that happens?

So now I'm sitting here trying to remember and making it worse....don't you hate when THAT happens?

OK...I'm done with that one. 

I'm off this weekend and not sure what I'm gonna be doing other than catching up and finishing up and opening new doors. I'm starting to have fun again....I remember!...I was gonna say it has been too long since I had done a post on TheGrands, so be looking for that soon....they keep me young.

Well I'm getting tired and I'm gonna just start to the way...

thanks for stopping in


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