Sunday, March 20, 2011


You approached me in the form of love
Your seduction paved the way
As my heart beat the beat of
Oh wow!

You proceed your seductive ways
Exploring my mind, asking all the right questions
As if on a hunt
But your beauty and glamorous ways
Made way to more

You maneuver your way to my senses
With the touch of your hand on mine
   You knew this would make me crazy
As you smile

I allow myself to relax and breath your scent
My heart racing
You find my lips
Kissing me with the tenderness of tender

It is all I imaged it would be
A kiss soft as the love that brought it
You captivate me
As I surrender 

The heat of the moment is true
And bare
You are all I ever wanted
And more

We wrap into one the other
Passionate in yet another kiss
I am lost in your expression of love
A moment suspended in this space of time

Your warmth against mine is 
More than I can bear
My heart pounds against my chest
As I explore your outward beauty

As I lay in wait for you
There is a sound that will not cease
Reaching to find the source
I realize, I have been awakened 

This is my Poetry Potluck entry where the theme is Lies, Deception, and Misrepresentation....come join us.


JamieDedes said...

Oooh! And not a nice way to wake up to deception.

Nice pacing and flow to this and imagry evocative. Kinda' sets you up for the let down. Well done.

beccagivens said...

Kudos on well penned prompt ~ becca

brokensparkles said...

Oh, nothing from the start lead to such an end ... Intense and creative!

bendedspoon said...

Great write! Glad that you are awakened! :)

thingy said...

Dang alarm clocks. Beautiful dream, : )

Olivia said...

Oh my my! Creative and yes... very involved with the subject.. wonderful :)

Just a step before getting deceived?

Love xox

fiveloaf said...

love it reg and also, thanks for coming by my blog..

Jingle said...

sharp, straight to the point.


Kim Nelson said...

That last line was a surprise!
Here's mine:

Reggie said...

@Jamie...thanks so much for that...I glad you liked the read.

@becca...thank you.

@Blaga...that is a shame, isn't it...glad you like :-)

@bended...thanks... that only happens in dreams anyway...right ;-)

@thingy...they are disturbing, but useful :-)

@Olivia...thanks so much..."just a step before getting deceived?"...I'll have to sleep in that ;-)

@Kris...thanks...and it was my pleasure

@Ji...thank you

@Kim...I LOVE surprises!

Kavita said...

Ohh....that was one helluva ride, Reggie!! So sensuous and passionate!!
And then waking up to cold deception...ouch!!!

Awesome writing!

Reggie said...

You know Kavita, I have to admit when I read it still, I take a deep sigh and then laugh to myself.

Thank you!

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