Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Puzzles Pieces

When a cake is prepared for baking, different ingredients are brought together to make one item. The same goes for so many other things we use or consume...cars, homes, cookies, televisions, salads, phones, you name it.

Depending on what the item is, one missing ingredient could have an effect on the outcome or performance of such item. 

A puzzle is many pieces, when brought together, make up one item...usually a picture. You know how it is when a puzzle has a missing piece or two....it's almost complete.

Our wants or needs, works in much the same way. If there is something of great desire that has to be just right, the feeling of complete makes it a finished item.  

If the feeling of something isn't right exists, that incomplete feeling makes it an unfinished item. 

The same can be said for relationships, love, the need to be a finished item. 

It may sometimes go unnoticed as a puzzle piece, missing in a spot that could make the item appear to be complete. 

Life and love...the pieces are all there, they sometimes take a little more work to find the right pieces to make the item complete.    

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