Saturday, March 19, 2011

These Bloomin' Flowers

Spring is come upon us
Flowers come forth 
Erasing the harshness
Of a cold winter's sting 

They are precious to me
No matter what they do
These, flowers of life
They are precious to me

Full of life and learning
Discovering their world
Beginning their journey
Their space in time

 This flower of life
Is my first grand
Tall at her age
Precious in my site

This flower of life
Is my second grand
Choosing this pose
Is precious in my site

This flower of life
Is my third grand
Hangin' with the best
Is precious in my site

I am truly blessed
To have these,
Precious flowers
Full of energy

Bringing colorful laughter 
The pedals of innocence
The pollen of intelligence
The scent of love

I take times of moments
To pause and take thought
And give thanks
For these

My three grands
So precious in my site
I just love
These Bloomin' Flowers


Darcel @The Mahogany Way said...

Awwww...this is a great post! Love all the pictures. You were right. It's different seeing what they do when I'm not around.

Reggie said...

Thanks sweetie...I thought you would like this and I just love taking pictures of them...

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