Sunday, March 13, 2011

Part of My Sunday

Trying to get a handle on life in general...can be an exhausting experience. I feel as if I am just beginning to come to a part of the road that is somewhat comfortable.

I can't deny that I have been struggling within. The emotional strain had been almost unbearable. Trying to cope as the saying goes. 

There are things about my blog I miss that I need to get back into. Not having as much time on my hands that I used to is a problem but not the total reason for my absence of late. By my absence, I mean some of the things I miss blogging about. 

So one of my goals is to change that....and I'll begin here...

I spent some time outside with the grandkids this afternoon, and tossed the ball around with Kiah for a few minutes. Then it was on to paint...

This is the beginning of a masterpiece...

Ava and Kiah

It didn't take long for this to disappear...

This is only a shadow of what they can become.

I look forward to many more masterpieces like these to be created.

Darcel and Samuel



I know my kids have what it takes to succeed and I am proud of what they have accomplished thus far.

I am a believer in a bright future. Also knowing that hard work and discipline is a key. If I do that (discipline), I see a bright future. 



Jingle Poetry said...

Happy Sunday.

hope that you have fine tuned your mood so far.

Reggie said...

Things seem to be looking far :-)

Anonymous said...

Great way to spend a Sunday ~ In years to come, these precious moments spent with your grandkids will mean as much to them, as to you! I miss not having a grandfather living when I grew up. I was fortunate to witness what a wonderful grandfather my dad was to my nieces ... cherished times for all.

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