Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Artful Sounds

They are artist all
They who write, these
Words that sing, the
Facts of life

Poetry springs forth
With the sound of music
To the eyes that read
It is music to ones ears

Whether in joyfulness 
Or done in sadness
These words play music
To the eyes that read

They cease to grow old
No matter how old
The words were written ago
They play on still, they play

Bringing us to smiles,
Cause shedding of tears
They play on, in our ears
As the eyes read the words

We never forget,
At any given moment
Dancing in our minds
We hear the artful sounds

This is my entry for Poetry Potluck where the theme 
for this week is Muse, Art, Music and Poetry.


Jingle said...

lovely imagery,
well done.


Reflections said...

Spectacular piece... the heart of truly good writing.

Reggie said...

Jingle, thank you so much.

Reflections, you are too kind.

lynnaima said...

An enjoyable play on the theme for the potluck :) I liked it.

Enjoy the potluck!


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