Monday, April 4, 2011

I Remember When

Copyright 2011

There was a time
In time's past
Wishes were made
Dreams were dreamed

Young mind daydreaming
Dreams of what could be
Dreams of his future
Young visions seen

He is ambitious
Eager to start
Ready for anything
Wanting it all

Yet, know it all
Wondering if the world
Is ready for him

That's what some say
Is how he answers...

Things have happened
Over the years
The journey has been
Turbulent, to say the least

I still see that young man
With all of his visions
Dreams of dreams
Still swimming in head

I still see his vigor
His want for it all
Now?, you say, Now?
Better now than never

That young man still lives
Though his body is weathered
The young man still lives
Because I remember when

This is my entry for Poetry Potluck 
where the theme is:
Photographs, Memories and Nostalgia... 


Mia said...

you know how to tell a tale. take everyone down memory lane. it was a great read!


Reggie said...

Thanks Mia...glad you enjoyed it!

Olivia said...

What a great tale!
The determination n power almost matched mine (how I feel I may be strong et al)

I loved your poem structure a lot..
Very well done Reggie.. a legendary tale told!

Hugs xox

Reggie said...

Olivia, our determination will have results that will bring miles of smiles....thank you


thingy said...

How beautiful.

P.S. Love the outfit. : )

Jingle said...

moving story..
confidence in you carried out in your words.
stay blessed.


Anonymous said...

What an introduction to your blog, Reggie!! Awesome nostalgia piece from the heart ~ the best kind! Thank you for leaving a breadcrumb to find your "gem"!

Anonymous said...

great write reggie.. this only happens when dreams are unfulfilled.. my potluck--

Anonymous said...

So this young man is still going strong...
Great poem! :)

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon! For such delights within your blog, I have an award for you at

Reggie said...

Thingy, thank you...the outfit? ;-)

Ji, that's really nice of you to say :-)

Becca, my hope is that I have enough breadcrumbs...and if you don't mind, I'll reply to your other comment.

I was absolutely floored when I finished reading. This truly is an honor for me because I feel as if I am a baby here in blogosphere.

I'm just a guy having fun, learning as I go.

Awards aren't necessary...but I sure will take them :D

Thank you so much!

Hey Kris...I feel as if my dreams are getting into gear...thank you.

Ina...without a doubt...thanks!

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