Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Though life has dealt this hand
A hand that has one a round
The game is yet to come to fruition

Doors are open to proceed
Time is at it's own
It does not wait

What is next?
Which door to enter?
It has been draining...

To the point of this
Frustration has set
Overshadows desire

The doors that are before
Is what has come
It is now finished


I know who I am
I know what I do
I know where I want to go

No question...

This was in need
I see that now
Flow from the pen


I'm linking this to Thursday Poets Rally week 41


Jingle said...

well done..

enjoyed your confidence.

Anonymous said...

I love that feeling of being restored. Nice poem!

Reggie said...

Thank you Jingle...I'm forcing my confidence to the surface :-)

Paula, it truly was a peaceful feeling...thank you.

Vinay said...

Ah, we knock many doors before our effort come to fruition! I enjoyed your confidence in the flow! It showed!

Rally Week 41 - My Poetry

Reggie said...

Thanks Vinay, I love coming through trials with a positive attitude.

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