Thursday, April 7, 2011


There are times when we take a look back to see where the paths have taken us, if decisions were made to enhance or disrupt the journey. 

Every now and again, I think back to some of the ideas I had that I knew would be just the thing to take me into entrepreneurship. 

Wishful thinking. That's where I am at times. You know how it is...wishing you would have, could have, should have...still, I know some things didn't happen for reasons and things did happen for reasons...and some lay in wait...for reasons.

So here's to wishes....
below is my One Shot Wednesday entry...happy wishes everyone.


Wish as you will
Wish as you might

Believe in your wish
You have wished this night

Do not wait and look
Around every nook

Why wait to see
Where your wish may be

But journey onward
For you are already downward

You have to catch up
This wish left the cup 

It waits not for you
Will you know what to do?


lynnaima said...

Wishes hardly come true if ever, maybe due to serendipity.

Reggie said... it all really by chance?

Connie said...

That's right. No sense to live in regret or wishful thinking. Got to "journey onward" and look to the good in the future and then maybe a wish will come true.

lucychili said...

perhaps the things that come true
are sort of sideways from the things
we directly wishe for =)

Reggie said...

You've got that right Connie....thank you.

lucychili, that is a very interesting perspective...;-)

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