I am very happy and blessed to have these awards and placing them on a separate page allows me to continue to evolve my blog. I've worn these proudly on my front page and moving them in no way diminishes my love and appreciation for them. 
It has been awhile since I've written and submitted on any poetry sites but I still love to write poetry. I don't do it for the awards...I do it for love and I think I have found a way to satisfy my hunger, my passion and my ideas.

 The Creative Blog Award was given to me by Becca Givens 


She writes beautiful poetry which is how she found me. That was during the time I was submitting to poetry sites. Thank you so much Becca. 
You still inspire me. 

I received an email one day and I was asked if my poem, 
They Two Became One
could be submitted on their website. They were putting together a set of The Best Love Poems on the web. I was honored to have been considered and very happy to do so. After the site went live, I was notified via email and this award was included. There are so many Love Poems that were submitted, the reading to say the lovely.

Thank you so much

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