Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Vintage Collection

While working one day this summer, the owner of these vintage classics allowed me to photograph his collection.

1923 Ford Model T
Convertible 1 door

1937 Pontiac Coupe

Chevy BelAir

Chevy Camaro

I forgot the year and model of this one he was
currently #workinon

Mercedes Benz


Thursday, October 20, 2011


This is what it kinda feels like right now. I had talks with I believe are some key people very recently. I was able to be candid and straight forward. I couldn't believe how much better I felt when I was finished after each conversation.

Apparently this was long overdue. 

I don't know what the end result will be when all is said and done, but what I do know....I feel as if I can now really move matter what happens.  

I have my sights set on other key changes/additions that I am sure will help to bring me to a state of even more stability and the want to continue in a positive direction.

Are you still with me?......I sure hope so.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Spider

This nice size spider had taken refuge in the back of the house and has a grasshopper to boot.

I was amazed at how large this spider was.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Remember When

There once was a time when I was firm in what I believe in....I still do but it seems as if the conviction has been missing.

Yesterday I was sent to a man, or a man sent to me. He is a young man under 30 years of age and going places. He was a Art teacher in I believe he said High School. I told him he looked like he was supposed to be sitting in class taking lessons himself instead of teaching them. 

The path he had chosen for himself, concerning artwork did not change, but took a different turn. He was fortunate enough to have someone suggest to him that he should pursue tattooing after they saw his work. I think that started while he was teaching. 

As I listened to him, I was feeling a spark...a renewing...refreshed. It was this young man who ignited the flame that I thought was burning. Listening to his story was invigorating and hopeful. I hadn't realized how much I had receded from my original goals. Sure I have had some life changing experiences and I have struggled but before I met this young man, I thought I had been bitten by a revived spirit. Just goes to show how deep some wounds can be as they truly will take time to heal.

My faith in God has never wavered and I have been prayerful. I'm thankful for this answered prayer, coming from a stranger, a young man blessed himself with an opportunity which has blossomed....a story to tell. 

His name is Marshall Sinclair and here is his website He said they never duplicate a tattoo. He showed me a picture of one he had done the night was fantastic!....he really is a good artist. I wish him much success.

One thing for never know when, where, what, or who, God will send in answer to just never know....

Back To Basics

After realizing I'm putting myself through more than needed right now, I have decided to get back to basics. I'm going to discontinue the meme and concentrate on what I do....just be me. Maybe some place down the road I will revive the meme on a monthly basis, but now I must concentrate on what is at hand.

I'm not as far ahead as I would like to be designing my T-shirts and other products, but I am making progress.


I finally retrieved the pictures from my camera which means I can finally share them. 


Time management is my biggest problem right now. I have time to get things done but in the end, I'm out of time with little done in certain areas. Once I get that in order things should be getting easier and less stressful for me.


I can't believe I went this long without posting something. This won't happen again.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Better Late Than Never?

This was supposed to be the meme post that I didn't finish and it was also to be the post for the one I accidentally posted yesterday I've been #workinon my designs and making headway in my attempts at transferring them to my new software. I like the new look and you may also see new designs coming.

As I wanted from the very beginning, I will be able to accomplish the product line I believe will be appealing to many. Calendars, cards, T-shirts, maternity, baby, mugs and so on. 

Below is an old design of The Bottomless Heart.


This is the new look.


I will be making changes to my core logo design but the #QuestionMark will remain. Below is a sample.

I'll be adding a dot on the bottom of the #QuestionMark.

Those are some of the things I've been #workinon around here.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

More bad. I'm not sure what happened here. I was preparing a post yesterday and early on must have tapped a wrong maybe the enter key. 

I had no idea I had posted without content until this morning.

Funny thing is I was finishing what I had started and had quite a bit of info and now I have nothing......aaahhh yes. Now I know. I was in update mode and didn't realize it. Looking now at the toolbar I see no save option but there is an update which I should have clicked.

Again I bad.


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