Friday, July 29, 2011

WhatrUWorkinOn-Friday Set 1


  • Absolutely no porn of ANY kind. (so don't even think about it)
  • Comments are not necessary but welcome.
  • Be kind
  • And have fun 
If you've never linked to a site before, you must first publish your post then copy and past your link to that post here, using inlinz at the bottom of this post.

That's all there is to it...I'm looking forward to reading along with others, what it is you're #workinon.

Here's mine 

Getting Back In

At this point in my life, I have more distractions than I have had before. It's not all bad, it just takes me away from some things I want and need to do. Yes there are some distractions that have taken their toll on me. 

It has been a long time since I have designed anything new, I haven't been posting like I was, I'm sitting on projects...and it goes on. 

I haven't been able to access my files on the pc yet and that is a real treat because I have pictures I need along with the files I'd like to re-acquire.

So I have been on a mission recently to get back in the game. I've been feeling sorry for myself, complaining...blah, blah blah...yep, that was me. I'm done with that. It's time for me to pick myself up and get going. I purchased a external hard drive to transfer the files from the pc. If the hard drive is truly dead, then I will have to start from scratch...well, almost from scratch. I do have a lot of my greeting card files and t-shirt designs saved but I need the main software.

I got the Netbook thinking I would also be using the pc. That went south shortly after I got the Netbook, so it's not all bad because I can still do whatever except it doesn't have a disc drive. I'll purchase an enclosure and solve that problem.

I'm giving myself two weeks to make a decent dent in this turnaround. I figure if I put it out there, I'll have to be accountable....and I want this.

Whatr U Workin On?       

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tidbit Time

I'm gonna throw in a few things on this one.

First off, Friday is just around the bend and I'm trying to retrieve files from the pc before the hard drive dies completely. I'd like to design a header for the meme.  


Have you ever been in situations where you really want to say something but for the better good, you opt for silence? That's me right now. I know exactly what issues are bothering me, but for the better good or know it would do no good to speak, I opt for silence....and that includes writing about it...this sucks and I don't intend to let it linger.


I rode my bike late yesterday and did what I call a hard ride...I really pushed myself. It hurt, but felt good. I didn't ride today, so it's gotta be in the morning before work. 


Gonna try to see if the pc will work with me.  

Monday, July 25, 2011

Counting Down

I hope you're getting ready for Friday! It's the opening day of the WhatrUWorkinOn-Friday meme. 

I've changed the start time of the meme from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am US Eastern Time Zone. It still closes 7:00 pm Sunday.

Plenty of time link-in.

Stay tuned for details.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Morning Ride

It's really been hot the past few days and I had decided not to ride my bike. Today it's a bit cooler in the mornings, which I prefer to ride, so off I go.

This is my first pit stop along the way.

This is Town Center of Virginia Beach. It's a nice area with places to eat, areas to sit outside and enjoy the view or your company. It can get pretty busy here.


Here I arrive at my destination...Mount Trashmore. For those who don't know, it is a landfill converted into a park...a rather nice one at that.

This is the Mount Trashmore emblem located at the top of the hill. You can find kite flyers here during windy times. Lots of people use the hill for working out. The guy on the left for example is walking backward down the hill. Some jog all the way around the top instead of using the path.

I'm not sure if they are together, but backward they go.


Of course we can't forget the children who want to enjoy the play area before the sweltering heat sets in.


Here I have my stuff set up after the ride around the park after arriving, preparing for this post. It is a really nice breeze blowing to help squash the heat. I'm gonna be heading back after I post this. It's about fifteen miles round trip. This is my second trek here since I got the bike.

Time to head back....

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Backyard Art

I have a few pictures I have taken the past few weeks I'd like to post. But this one I took late evening yesterday. 

I don't know for sure who did this, but I'm guessing the Grands had a hand in it. 

The next one was done by DaddyCharles...there was more but in the preview it looked as if it wasn't showing the letters at all so I didn't take any more.

Capturing moments in this space in time will be enjoyed in awe in later years in their space in time.

Whatr U Workin On?


Monday, July 18, 2011

Moving Forward

Yes I am getting things prepped for the meme.

I have decided to go with inlinkz to allow for linking in on the meme. 

I have also decided to name it WhatrUWorkinOn-Friday. The link-in will be open on Fridays and close on Sundays. Right now I have the time set at 7:00 pm to open and close and that is US Eastern Time Zone...of course that could change before opening day. 

I do have more but it's getting late and I have to get up early.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

An Example Continued

I know it has taken longer than originally planned, but I am finishing the de-clutter project post. The room has been finished for some time now although a little tweaking did take place along the way.

So now I have the before and after.

This is the same wall. I like
how the entertainment wall
is spread out. I moved some
paintings over as well. The new arrangement also brought the 
television to a proper viewing level.

 This is the window wall. The tower shelf which is where I had the pc and the dresser along with storage.

            This is the same shelf in the 
            top left picture, standing on 
            top of the night stands and
            and a good sturdy counter top.

  These are tucked nice and
  neat in the corner out of the
  way but accessible.



Here we have the final wall that is occupied with furniture of sorts. The photo on the left is where the dresser was that now holds the entertainment. The night stands were underneath the dresser. So I moved the tower shelf on that wall and it's still home to the pc. The tall dresser finishes the wall rather neatly. Some items got boxed and put away. Now the key is to keep it looking somewhat decent.  

It's not perfect and still tight, but for me, it's definitely easier on the eyes.  

So that finishes the room project

The next few posts will lead up to the start of the WhatrUWorkinOn? meme. The rules which will more than likely consist of content not accepted. The day it will start and how long the link will be open. 

Of course I'll still have my rants and thoughts and moments....

I'll tell ya one thing....if you just happen to be in a spot that is well and fulfilled, cherish it.

When you come out of a spot that was less that user friendly, use it as a tool and not a crutch.

Be strong....Whatr U Workin On?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Still Workin On It

I haven't forgotten about the meme or the other stuff I'm #workinon. It's been a rough ride lately and really tough to get the wrench out of the gears.

My previous post was in draft and I had forgotten all about it. I had written it back on May 13th and thought I might tweak it a bit, but set it aside. That must have been the beginning of the funk. 

Finding a happy medium in a place that is filled with anything but happiness has been breathtaking...and not as in awe inspiring. It has been a struggle to break through the rut of what seems like, despair. I say despair because it seemed to be relentless. Usually I would find myself dealing with negatives, on a positive note. Noooo...not this time.

I'm angry with myself for allowing this to happen....this is not me. Sure there are times when we fall into doldrums, but I was getting dangerously close to not wanting to write anymore. It was as if I didn't care...AND I KNOW THAT IS NOT ME!   

Going through my mind now, I see some of the things that has brought me to stagnant hood. 

Occupation-wise, I have been installing auto glass for 30+ years now....I'm tired. I like what I do....but I'm tired. One of the most rewarding part of my job that keeps me going are the customers we service. It is really gratifying to see the smiles and have a good talk at times while working. 

I think I'm burnt on my current occupation and deep inside, crave for change, something new. But we all know that these are tough times and jobs are hard to come by. Watching the evening news and saw that all those people will be out of work once this last shuttle mission is over.

Tough times...nuf said on that.

I bought a used bike this past Sunday. This will be beneficial in many ways. I don't have to worry about gas. I get exercise. My mind will start functioning again. Can't go wrong with any of that.

I'm still here and kickin'.

Whatr U Workin On?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Just Us?

It is hard not to imagine in all that exists, we are the only living intelligent forms of we live ours, according to how we exist...surely there are others living theirs, according to their existence. 

In our finite minds
others do exist?
Surely?, we only
In this vast space?

It really doesn't matter what our religious beliefs might be, how we worship God or whether we believe in Him or not. It matters not the years of study and speculation.

Only one form of intelligent life? all that we have not even begun to see?

What we cannot see
does it exist?
As far as our
Eyes have taken us

We have yet to see
The beginnings of
The stone has yet to touch water

I believe it is a good thing in what we have accomplished concerning our exploration into the existence of whatever is out there. But really...just us?


Sunday, July 3, 2011

I Stand Corrected

I'm not sure how I made this mistake....I figure it's a man thing with dates and all. 

It's not much but I think that if we go public with things and a mistake is made, that it should be corrected. 

It has to do with the dresser I had mentioned and pictured in my room change post. I said that we had those for 20 years....talked to TheWife last night about it and she said it was only about 7 years.'s gotta be about men and dates.


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