These are a couple of poems I had sitting on the shelf since the very early hours on New Year's Day. 

A Place

Everything has a place, a place for everything
Nothing is left aside, I see possibilities

What shape will it take, how will it form
Where is it's place to be when done

The possibilities astound, what it could be
I'd settle for simple, go for fancy

Eye candy is good to look at
Reverberates to the senses

Tantalize heighten engulf feel
Experience the joy of satisfaction

Knowing I did it, looks good
In my eyes no matter what

It looks good, in my heart
It will always have A Place 


What can be, what could be...visions
Possibilities, see what can be
See what is,  know and reach
Find and use, grow and learn

Visions...how do we see
With our eyes, our minds?
Choose both...visions are
Seen here and there

Possibilities are endless
There are no limitations
Do we expand our minds?
To see more?...Visions

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