Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm Gonna Do What?

I think I'm about to do something I thought was far and in the distant. I'll keep ya posted on that. 

I have a project I'm about to start in TheRoom. We have run out of space in the storage, so I'm going through the closet and downsizing.

I haven't lost my sense of humor... :-)

Life is good.

Work hard for what you believe.

It's ok to admit that you feel like crap and have everyone read about it....see?...I'm human.

~aaaahhhhh~ it really has been a jolt in the journey.

Speaking of journeys... 

I just realized this is my 200th blog post..wooop!!! woooop!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

I Remember When

I remember when I was posting with a zeal that was fresh and I am struggling still to capture those moments.

So here I am with less than half an hour to get this post in. I don't show myself often...these were taken in June after our dryer went south. 

Yes....I can do laundry.....

The weather was really nice that day.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Day After

All day yesterday there was coverage tracking Hurricane Irene. We have an older TV with a digital box so we pulled the news up on that one and watched whatever else on the flat.

The storm took 18 lives as she traveled the east coast. One of those deaths was in Newport News (about 45 minutes from here) when a tree fell on an apartment building and an 11 year old boy was killed.

Irene had weakened by the time the eye reached our area. We lost power only momentarily a couple of times. I'm glad that the damage is not as bad as it could have been and it is so unfortunate for the loss of lives.

Now it's time to get things back in order.

Hey!...the kids are back!!    

Friday, August 26, 2011

Now We Wait

Tomorrow morning hurricane Irene will have hit land in North Carolina and then proceed onward over the Chesapeake Bay and head north toward the rest of the east coast, leaving behind her path of destruction. Work has been cancelled for Saturday but they plan to open on Sunday.

I stopped at the store after work to get a few more things like paper products and more water and batteries and some snacks.

Now it's a matter of waiting...seems strange to have this much time on my hands and don't seem to know what to do with it. I have been socializing with family and friends on Facebook while working on this post...I got a few goods laughs out of that. I've forgotten how easy it is and how rewarding it can be to say a few words among family and friends....I'm always too busy to take time to relax, and breath...saying that, it reminds me of something I said in one of my very early posts; losing sight of what this is really about...remembering that there is life and not to lose sight of that. That includes socializing, meeting new friends, staying active. 

I have found that I have become complacent once I get home from work. My motivation has diminished because I feel so drained and extinguished. 

I am starting to feel better and have some drive working in my favor. This hurricane may have an affect on my blog challenge...we'll see how that goes. I feel a calm as the storm approaches and I believe that is due to the locals who have lived here for years...yes there is a lot of stocking up going on but that is being smart, but there is a sense of no panic among the neighbors and I believe that carries over. I was talking to a neighbor earlier this evening and she wanted to know if we were staying. As far as we can tell, everyone is staying in our area....we have no evac notice.

DaddyCharles and MahoganyMama did take the kids to his family's place in Newport News. They were going to stay but it was a last minute decision to go.

I guess I'll get off here and play a game or two before bed.

Stay safe locals.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's Getting Interesting

First we have an earthquake and now we're in the path of a Category 3 hurricane with sustained winds of 115 miles per hour, gusting to 140. Some areas have mandatory evacuation while at the moment, some have voluntary evac. 

This is a huge storm and unless we can get west of Richmond, we may as well sit tight. Watching the updates, they say that it could come farther inland and really make things nasty.

I bet the store shelves are gonna empty pretty sooner I say that, I get a pic on TV of a store shelve emptied of its goods.

I hope we don't lose electricity. I can deal with the wind and rain.

I'm scheduled to work Saturday but that may change. Well, one more day and the fun begins.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It Was Weird

I was at a drive-thru waiting to put my order in and at the same time trying to figure out why the van is rocking as if someone was pushing it. I looked into my mirrors to see if anyone was there and then looked at the trees and thought that it wasn't that windy because they were hardly moving. It seemed to happen two separate times because I remember thinking that it had stopped and found myself looking into the mirrors and at the trees again.

I thought that was weird and proceeded on my way. It wasn't until after my next stop that I was told that there had been an earthquake and they had just returned to the building moments before I arrived. Then I felt so different when I realized that it was an was like, wow!

Cell phone service was down for a bit...I couldn't retrieve voice mail. I guess it was a big thing for the area. It's been over 100 years since the last one. That's a track record I can live with.

Monday, August 22, 2011

By The Way

 Here are some beach shots 
taken in June....yeah, I know.

The girls were having a ball

Here I am smiling for the camera

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Inspiration Comes From....

Inspiration can be found in and comes from the most unlikely places which makes them even more profoundly delectable. Moments in time which house inspiration are shelved countless times waiting for its eventful moment to be snatched once it finds itself again airborne....although some are fortunate enough to be taken straight from the shelves. 

When a song plays if the mood is right, the perfect thought will be caught in the mind of one who has homed in on that thought which has braved to be... to inspire, to be that do that which it has gone out to help promote change. 

Photo by kk216
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Photo by findstuff22
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Photo by derekoliver1
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Photo by miss_botchway
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Photo by  jade95_2010
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When or where will your next inspirational moment come from....


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Here I Go

So begins my second 30 day blog challenge. My first challenge was back in November 2010. This was the first post of that challenge, Who I Am. I read it twice before linking because it took me back to how confident I was when writing that. I remember the strong sense of accomplishment as I wrote. It also reminded me of how I lost focus. I had vision...I had drive...I was ambitious...

A lot has happened since then. My brother passed away. TheWife and I got back together (a work in progress). Some financial difficulties and a host of unnamed incidences. 

I'm looking forward to rising from the ruins of despair. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

WhatrUWorkinOn-Friday Set 3

Welcome to WhatrUWorkinOn-Friday

This is the place to link in and tell the world in a community setting what it is that's going on in life. In other words, what it is you're #workinon. 

Come join us!


  • Absolutely no porn of ANY kind. (so don't even think about it)
  • Comments are not necessary but welcome.
  • Be kind
  • And have fun 
If you've never linked to a site before, you must first publish your post then copy and past your link to that post here, using inlinz at the bottom of this post.

That's all there is to it...I'm looking forward to reading along with others, what it is you're #workinon.

Here we go!

She Kicked Me

 Yesterday was MyMom's birthday. I called her around midday or so and she still sounds like the same strong woman I have known all my life. It's such a joy to hear her smiling voice when she answers my call. I don't call her nearly as much I should and I am really disappointed in myself.

I have been on this roller coaster and can't seem to bring myself completely out of this pit. OK, first off things have really improved on some very important areas and I'm feeling good about those. 

So it's pointing back to me and I have known that from the beginning of my personal slump. I wonder if depression has nestled its way in, clinging to various aspects of my every move, my thoughts, and my body. Life is good. I have no desire to sit back and give up and allow this to encompass my life. It's a battle and a hard fought one. Frustration is one of the main obstacles, even though I have made progress, the setbacks continue to mount...and the setbacks are tied into my is where the battle is hardest fought.

In my need to turn things around, I have put so much onto my plate and now I have complicated my situation a little bit more...with more things to think about and more things to accomplish. Unfortunately, coupled with my lack of writing, some of the very things I had set out to do to coincide with my turn around, is suffering.

All is not lost...for this is but a bump in the road that jars you more than your ordinary bump in the road. As I mentioned before, I talked to MyMom and gave her my birthday greetings. We talked and she pretty much told me to suck it up and get back to who I am...that's the short version...and I needed that kick. MyMom gave me a six month challenge. She wants to see where I am in six months...I needed that too. I wrote a Mother's Day poem for should check it out.

Talking to my daughter MahoganyMama, she gives me a thirty day blog challenge...and I never told her about the challenge MyMom gave me....this is good too.

These two challenges pop out of nowhere in the span of hours apart. Someone knows what I need.

Looks like I have my work cut out for me....

Whatr U Workin On?

Saturday, August 6, 2011


A thought just came to me concerning challenges...several thoughts actually. 

Sometimes we seem to feel we are challenged and in some cases we are put on the defensive because we may feel it was unjust, creating emotions built on anger.

There are times when stuff pops up when we least expect it and that could cause anxiety...which in turn will bring thoughts that are not quite clear because we don't have the desire to deal with anything.

Then there are challenges that push us...make us work, think, have that feeling of accomplishment. 

So what are the underlying factors behind challenges? Are they tests? Do they come to consume ones very being? Are they meant to build?...or destroy. 

Challenges come in all facets through life. We cannot avoid them. One thing they can do at times... frustrate. But I believe in the long run, that builds character.

My vote goes to challenges being an integral part of life it or not...and whether I like them or not, they teach me and I learn and from that comes growth.

I guess it's all in how you look at it.

Whatr U Workin On?  

Friday, August 5, 2011

WhatrUWorkinOn-Friday Set 2

Welcome to WhatrUWorkinOn-Friday

This is the place to link in and tell the world in a community setting what it is that's going on in life. In other words, what it is you're #workinon. 

Come join us!


  • Absolutely no porn of ANY kind. (so don't even think about it)
  • Comments are not necessary but welcome.
  • Be kind
  • And have fun 
If you've never linked to a site before, you must first publish your post then copy and past your link to that post here, using inlinz at the bottom of this post.

That's all there is to it...I'm looking forward to reading along with others, what it is you're #workinon.

Here we go!

Getting Back In-Continued

I'm now into my first full week of refurbishing my attitude and giving a face lift to my passions. So far I am feeling much better emotionally which is a big step toward reaching my goal. 

I hadn't posted since last Friday but that is not a bad thing this time because I've been busy attacking the negative factor in my life.

In the mean time, I'd just like to share a couple of pictures I took while out and about this past week.

I just couldn't resist bringing these home with me.

Whatr U Workin On?


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