Saturday, May 29, 2010


I know, I know. It has been awhile since I've posted. It's not that I have writer's block...just no drive.  I'm told it gets like like be expecting something soon. 

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I am about to welcome my third grandchild into this world and my thoughts go back to how I came to be called Peepaw. Nakiah, who is now 5 years old tagged me with the title. At the time she was almost 3 years old. Mamaw was easy for her, so I'm thinking Papaw will be just as easy.  We (especially me of course) tried to get her to say Papaw, but to no avail. I remember times when Darcel would go around the horn and ask Nakiah who everyone was....Mommy came out of her mouth, Daddy did, and so did my disappointment, no Papaw. Months go by and still no Papaw. So one day, in my finite wisdom...try to break it down for her. I start with trying to get her to say the first part by making the "pa" sound...nothing. I pronounce the letter "p" because she knew her alphabets...she said that, so I'm thinking, cool. I say the second half, "paw"...nothing. I don't remember how much time goes by, but we are all together again so I try again with the previous routine. I pronounce the "p", make the "pa" sound and then "paw". She hesitates, and out comes "p"paw...we all laugh and Darcel says, there ya go, because at one point I remember saying I don't care what she calls me as long as she calls me anything other than "gramps" or "grandpa" or "granddaddy"....nothing wrong with those, just not for me.

Nakiah and Ava

So I'm already wondering how do you spell "p"paw. I didn't want to have just a "p" and then "paw" and I wanted something that everyone knew how it would be pronounced when they saw it, so I came up with "Peepaw"'re welcome.

Time goes by and I find out Darcel and Charles are pregnant. After Ava is born, I ask Darcel are we going to see if I will be called "Papaw" or "Peepaw" by the new addition when she is able to talk....remember, my wisdom is finite...and in  Darcel's infinite wisdom, she tells me it has to be "Peepaw" to keep confusion down. So as Ava grows and begins to speak, she too calls me "Peepaw" to my ears.

Know what?...I wouldn't have it any other way because my granddaughter, in her infinite wisdom, tagged me with a title that I would like to think only exists in all the world, right here....I'm their Peepaw.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Only if / If only

These days are becoming busier with each passing moment. The time I used to spend after work doing whatever has transformed into time well spent. Some of the things I have written posts on are coming back to bite me....but, I knew this would happen. Yes, I'm getting caught up in...getting it done, but it's all good, because this is life. Yes, I write about things that keep us "tied up" and I will no doubt continue to do so, but the key is to stay focused and make sure I don't lose myself into what I am doing. That said, let's see if I can keep my sanity...I'll keep you posted..heh, heh. 

Deep down, I know I will be busier than I have been and that is to be  expected. I know I will miss the free time I'm so comfortable with. I could say that I will do certain things as far as this project goes, Only if it doesn't interfere with my present state. Of course that wouldn't get me very far. I'm really looking forward to becoming active again. I'll have to remember to step back as often as needed to ask for guidance. I don't want to be in a situation where I make wrong decisions...too often, because I know mistakes will be made. I will be in prayer and seeking that guidance. I can't do this on my own. I know that all the creative thoughts and ideas that come into my mind are a product from Someone greater than me, I just happen to be the recipient of such a gift. God gives me all that I need to succeed and with that, I know it will be my decisions to cause mistakes.

So I will go forward with whatever awaits me. I know what I have in mind, but there is no telling what lies ahead, either as a benefit or an obstruction. God knows...therefore I will continue to seek His guidance. It would be a shame if all fails because I find myself saying, If only I had stopped to listen. 

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I have this routine I go through every morning before I go to work. My coffee is already done because I preset it the night before...and yes, sometimes I do forget to set it. I get up and go downstairs to pour my coffee and head back to my man-cave to watch the news and find out what they think the weather will be for the day...remember...they are making predictions. I don't like to rush that cup of's the only cup I'll have for the day. I log on and check mail, sometimes it's shower, sometimes it's shower and shave and sometimes if that coffee lasts longer than normal, it's hit the basics to freshen up and out the door....yeah, like you've never done that before. When I'm not rushing, which is almost all the time, I take the time to eat something and to pack a lunch. I used to get up 2 hours before leaving for work, but that stopped when my morning workouts stopped...I know, I know...shame on me. 

Speaking of working out, someone who is active may have a routine of finding that special time to relax alone and to reflect.

Safety check...good routine to have. Those who use safety equipment or big machinery, go through their extreme checks and double checks to ensure the equipment is in good working order. Doctors and Nurses, checking charts and medication, heart rates and pulses, food and fluid intake of the patients. Checking wounds to make sure infection doesn't set in. 

Some routines simply help us to make it through.

Some are not for ourselves, but for someone else...someone who is unable to get around like they used to. You are a Godsend to them. 

The list is endless...the DJs who bring us music on the radio, the Talk Show Hosts who brings useful and useless information. The Baker, who brings us the sweets to satisfy our sweet itch.  The Butcher, who makes that cut just the way you like it. The Cashier, who greets you with a sincere smile and thanks you. The Trouble Shooters in each and every field out there, because you solve the problems to keep things going.

I know it's more than just a routine we go through, it's all the things we do that are getting things done. 

Step back and take a deep breath...we've all accomplished a lot today, with a lot more to go because, we all have our very own...Routines.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Isn't it Funny?

Today I must have really been in tune with myself. There were several times when a previous event had come to make a difference in the outcome of a couple other events that had transpired later. What I had noticed was the decisions I made, or something I should remember in the earlier events that made the outcome in the later events memorable to me. 

I can remember times when there were moments like this and I would appreciate the fact that I was almost ahead of myself if you can follow that. I still do things like this, but now, it's like it was before. Seeing something, or doing something, and realizing along the way that certain things happen and come to the forefront of our minds. A decision is made or a memory is stored. Sometimes that day, or maybe a few days later. It could be weeks....

As I was saying, there were things that happened today that I focused in on, and I smiled a lot. 

My daughter was having something here, I forget what they call it, (she's having a baby for those who don't know) no, not a baby shower,  and I'm sure she will post something on it. Anyway, so Charles and I needed to do some cleaning and the maintenance man was not going to show up. The seat in the downstairs bathroom had recently broken and he was supposed to fix that. So I went to the store and bought the replacement seat. I returned and it was going to be a hot one today. I went to my man-cave and looked into one of my drawers for the tools to replace the seat, and when I looked in the bottom of the drawer, there was something there and I said to myself, I hadn't seen you around in awhile, and went about my business. While replacing the seat, we noticed it was really getting warm and decided to turn on the air ahead of time to cool it off. No air. So this meant ceiling fans and open windows. After I was done downstairs, and for those who may be wondering...did he clean it while he was in there?...yes I did. By then, Charles is finished his cleaning and is about to take the girls out for a bit, so Mommy can do her thing. I went to clean a floor fan for downstairs. I took it to my man-cave and I was about 5 minutes into cleaning when their bedroom door slammed shut from the breeze. I get up to open the door and went to turn the's locked. I yell downstairs to make sure Darcel is downstairs....she is. I tell her their bedroom door is locked. I try to use brute strength to turn the knob...what was I I tell her I may have to kick the door in. First I try pushing on it hard to see if it will dice. I'm about to put my foot on the door and I remember....I go back to my man-cave and open that drawer, reach into the bottom and pull out my little pry tool...yes, the tool I hadn't seen around in awhile. I was able to get that tool in there and release the door without a scratch. 

Isn't it Funny how things work out?  

Broken, But Not Broken

This post is dedicated to my 5 year old granddaughter, Nakiah. She is the recipient of a broken arm. You can follow the story here. It happened on Tuesday. I came home from work and no one was there, which is not unusual lately. I don't remember how long before they came home, but I opened the door and here comes Ava, the (almost) 3 year old running to the door talking about a broken arm...and she had a wrap around her arm. I looked up to Darcel, and she said, Ava's not the one you have to worry about. Then I spot Nakiah coming from around the van, with her arm in a sling. Awwwww.....yeah, I know. I can't tell the whole story....the link will do that. But from Peepaw's eyes, I see a real tough young girl. They said the only time she cried was when they were about to go inside to the ER and when the Doctor came out after the x-rays to move the bone, because he said they wanted the swelling to run it's course. 
When I saw her at home, as I was watching her, it was as if nothing ever happened. She was being somewhat careful, but it was as if she was wearing her broken arm as if it were a trophy...oh yeah, Daddy sure was. She is a tough bug though...
I guess I have my chest puffed a bit too....knowing that Nakiah is a lady, but also tough as nails...Broken, but not Broken.      


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