Monday, June 27, 2011


Sometimes in life we run across things that we know we want to matter where we go, that special something will be with you. 

My most recent acquisition came from Ava. A couple days ago, she was going to give me a leaf and told me to hold on to it....just when she was about to put it in my hand, she said here peepaw, I'll put it in your's your present for your birthday.  She tucked it neatly into my shirt pocket.

Now I have two very special gifts from the girls.

The butterfly was given to me by Kiah...this reminds her of Minnesota. She tells me every now and then that that's the butterfly I gave you when we were in Minnesota.    

When Kiah gave that to me in Minnesota, it felt special and I wanted to keep it as's been on a wall of mine ever since I got it. I had the same feeling when Ava gave me the leaf...I can't wait to get that feeling from Samuel.

The significance of a child's actions are many times unbeknownst to them, but lives on in appreciation for years to come.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

During The Change

Here are some pics I took while moving things around in the room that is now no longer my man cave. 

The pink you see is not the color of my choice when
these pieces of furniture were purchased.

We bought these from a place that sold used hotel furniture. They had a brown that I preferred but settled on the pink for TheWife. 

A few items set aside waiting
for their new home.

This is a better shot of the 4 drawer dresser.
We've had these around for at least
20 years. They were in TheWife's possesion
during the separation.

One thing I will say about these...they withstand the test of time.

At this point I thought I was finally
coming to the close of a long day...

...until this. This was a heart breaker. In my mind and
measurements, this should not have been a
problem...except I missed a measure or two....

Friday, June 24, 2011

Just Not Sure

I'm not sure I know where to far as anything internet-wise, I have been a ghost. It wasn't planned, it just happened. I do have a few theories as to why I haven't been writing. 

I was all set, ready to move on and open things up. My last post was the beginning of the room change...reorganizing and reducing the clutter. The only thing it cost me was time....I made do with whatever was at hand. I started the post on the finished work, but it's in draft....I'll finish it soon.

I have really been stressed out lately. There I was, traveling along my journey full of gusto, thoughts and ideas when out of the sky comes...stuff. All kinds of, home, finance and more stuff. I retreated and climbed into a shell of sorts. The sorts being my writing was the only thing other than my emotional state that suffered.

I tried several times to get a post out but couldn't finish any of them, frustrating me even more. So I concentrated my energy toward getting other things done like the room, laundry, the beach and a lot of thinking.

I realized that I have been trying to do too much with the little time I have to myself these days. I think that is why I withdrew from writing. Just when I felt good about things and the future looking bright, it seemed no matter where I turned, something was in the way. It was becoming unbearable. 

My pen and my keys grew all the more silent. The strange thing is that I missed writing immensely, but it was easy to stay away even in my state of frustration. I guess I'm thinking I would make things worse for myself by fueling the fire.   

I have directed most of my frustration inward which created some anxiety filled with self doubt. I started questioning myself and surprised at some of the answers. Thus the reason to scale back. The WhatrUWorkinOn meme is still a go....I'm really looking forward to that. 

Poetry and short stories are still in with one exception...I will not be linking. I have a lot of ideas with what I want to do with poetry and shorts. For starters, I have been thinking of combining a poem I wrote and tying it in with a series of shorts and poems. I've already penned a starter for the story, but I misplaced my notebook during the room of those somethings that fell from the sky.  

The past couple of days have been a little better for me and I want to get back to writing again. I just need to do some serious time management in that category. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

An Example

For those of you who read this blog on a regular, I thank you for that and I'm sure you're wondering what I have going on as for the meme. 

Well I'd like to do a for an example post. 

Since TheWife and son moved in, we are a bit tight in the living quarters and the move may take a tad bit longer than planned. So I have decided to move some things to make things in my no longer man cave somewhat pleasant to dwell in. 

Here are some pics of what the addition of another body has brought into one room.

This is what I'm gonna be #workinon. I can't stand this anymore...driving me crazy!

So the next time I post on this, it will be some way.

This is what a Whatr U Workin On? post could be for a two week post period...some will take longer to finish.

I'll probably cheat on this one and post early.

Whatr U Workin On?



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