Monday, June 27, 2011


Sometimes in life we run across things that we know we want to matter where we go, that special something will be with you. 

My most recent acquisition came from Ava. A couple days ago, she was going to give me a leaf and told me to hold on to it....just when she was about to put it in my hand, she said here peepaw, I'll put it in your's your present for your birthday.  She tucked it neatly into my shirt pocket.

Now I have two very special gifts from the girls.

The butterfly was given to me by Kiah...this reminds her of Minnesota. She tells me every now and then that that's the butterfly I gave you when we were in Minnesota.    

When Kiah gave that to me in Minnesota, it felt special and I wanted to keep it as's been on a wall of mine ever since I got it. I had the same feeling when Ava gave me the leaf...I can't wait to get that feeling from Samuel.

The significance of a child's actions are many times unbeknownst to them, but lives on in appreciation for years to come.


Helena said...

I can't agree more! These little gestures, (with added dialogue) are priceless. I have certain mementos I'll cherish forever, from my own kids.

ps....Peepaw - that is so cute! I so long to be a grandma!

Reggie said...

Lena, thanks for stopping in...yes I just love the moments they give for remembrance...nothing like it.

Peepaw?...Nakiah, the first born grand tagged me with that.

There are moments to cherish in grandparenthood.

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