Saturday, May 1, 2010

Broken, But Not Broken

This post is dedicated to my 5 year old granddaughter, Nakiah. She is the recipient of a broken arm. You can follow the story here. It happened on Tuesday. I came home from work and no one was there, which is not unusual lately. I don't remember how long before they came home, but I opened the door and here comes Ava, the (almost) 3 year old running to the door talking about a broken arm...and she had a wrap around her arm. I looked up to Darcel, and she said, Ava's not the one you have to worry about. Then I spot Nakiah coming from around the van, with her arm in a sling. Awwwww.....yeah, I know. I can't tell the whole story....the link will do that. But from Peepaw's eyes, I see a real tough young girl. They said the only time she cried was when they were about to go inside to the ER and when the Doctor came out after the x-rays to move the bone, because he said they wanted the swelling to run it's course. 
When I saw her at home, as I was watching her, it was as if nothing ever happened. She was being somewhat careful, but it was as if she was wearing her broken arm as if it were a trophy...oh yeah, Daddy sure was. She is a tough bug though...
I guess I have my chest puffed a bit too....knowing that Nakiah is a lady, but also tough as nails...Broken, but not Broken.      

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Reggie White Jr. said...

Looks like she got some of her mom's toughness. =)

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