Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It Was A Grand Visit

TheWife and I went over to Charles' and Darcel's to visit earlier today. 
Kiah greeted us at the door.


Ava was brushing her teeth.

Samuel was out cold.

They are growing so fast!

After Samuel woke up, I asked if I could take his picture and
he said "NO!" A few minutes later he was standing in front
of me and I called his name several times and he ignored me.

So I took this one.

Kiah drew the picture of the house and girl 
Ava traced her hand and made a girl out of it

Samuel got to go to the library to return books and DVDs and also
to get some new stuff.

Upon returning, it was time for each of them to claim their spots
for viewing a DVD of their choosing.

Aaaah yes...such a Grand visit.


Unknown said...

homely photos...

thanks for posting.

how do you do?

please check out poets rally today, an award is bestowed to you for your support in the past.

Reggie said...

Aya, thank you. I know I haven't been writing for poetry sites lately and I do appreciate the invite. I just may take you up on your offer.

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