Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's About Time

Every now and them, it seems that time gets in the way of our day to day living. How you say? Well, I'm glad you asked that question. How often are we late for an appointment, or a meeting, a date. Well, we all know that happens more than we want. Let's look into what may be the cause of it. The clocks tick away the seconds, minutes, and hours. The calendars give us the days, weeks, months and years. It is no surprise we are frantic about the time because we see it all the time, on our walls, our wrists, our cell phones, our cars, on buildings. I think the only time we don't see the time at some point or other is when we sleep and what is the first thing we look for when we awake...yeah. We have surrounded ourselves with different time pieces to the point that we feel lost without them. We have to know what time it is. So how does time get in the way? Well, it's always never stops for much as we would like for time to gives us more of itself, it keeps moving on. If only I had more time to finish this project. If only I had more time to sleep. If only I had more time....
Our journey through this life is limited, but time continues to tick away. So because "time is getting away" from us...I'm quoting everyone's time's fault we don't have enough of it. Come on now, we know better than that. How often have we heard of the term "time management"? 
It's about time we sat ourselves down and realize that not enough time is not the issue, but It's About Time we realize that time management can help.
We'll get around to it one day, because....we have time.

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