Thursday, April 8, 2010

Running from/Run to

Sometimes our lives get to be complicated with the normal quirks of, bills, kids, education, and so on. How we face these issues, whether collectively or separately, depends on each individual. I understand that we as human beings are limited in what we  are able to do.  We are limited because of  our finite existence. If our abilities were, shall we say, unlimited to the point where we are able to control or to even predict what will come into our lives and deal with them without anguish, despair, pain, we learn? Our lives would be a lot less complicated for sure, but the learning experience is nonexistent. It is imperative that we learn what life has to offer.  If we choose to run away from our opportunity to learn, we deprive ourselves from the experience of personal growth.  Which means we choose to run from the pressures and lessons of life, rather than run to the joy of learning and growing in life.

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