Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Experience Is---

Here I sit all in wonder, the past few weeks I've been waaaay down under.
Feeling better now not totally sure, what brought the change, to my door.
I received a message from a dear sweet friend, telling me to get it together I can't pretend,
That I've not been myself to do and create, but Someone else who had taken a stake
And drove it deep within, my very being, causing such a stir I was not singing
Nor feeling very jolly, but stiff as a board to be used as a dolly,
To move objects, from here to there;  now that the cloud is gone and in the air,
Is the feeing of hope, and as I tried to cope,
I did my daily prayer, and wondered then, what I thought was unfair.
Why do these things happen to me? I give of myself totally free,
Of seeking in return a favor or two. That's just me, and how I am through
And through, but still I wonder at times, and know to be true,
That coming from this I will be stronger and wiser. I will take this experience to use as a visor,
Because when the sun is bright I want to see, and use the visor---God's gift to me.


Kim said...

Love you Reggie

Reggie said...

Kim, you were the answer to my prayers. Thank you for following your heart when you sent that message.

Love you too Kim

Darcel said...

I like this :) You could do a poem for me as your guest post.

Anonymous said...

I totally feel it. I went through a depression recently. Glad we're both out of it.

Reggie said...

Thanks Lisa...that was a very trying time for me and yes, happy to be out of it...and glad for you too.

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

best wishes for the year.

well done emotions.
beautiful writing...


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