Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What Is It?

Death is the non existence of this Life
The body that we have occupied
Has left this time in space
No longer used for occupancy

It is the time for mourning?
It is the time for relief?
It is the time we rejoice?
Is it the end of time?

Only for the time as we know
Or time as we have known
So are we in Death?
Or do we still exist

The body has lost it's use
The body is no longer in need
The body has been laid down
Never to be again 

What of the Soul?
That has held hold
That has been in use
Of the body before

What of that Soul?

For time is eternal
Time never ceases
Time will always be
So what of the Soul?

Some say the Soul returns
And is reborn to Live again
Some say they see the Soul
As a Spirit that wanders

Are these of truth?
Do these exist?
In this time that is eternal
Who can say nay


Brian Miller said...

all i know is that one day, we will know, but by then it will be too late to let others know...

Steve Isaak said...

Thoughtful, effective take on Death.

As someone who doesn't write this kind of not-quite-whimsical poetry, I appreciate your work nevertheless. You do it well, in a way that makes it readable for me.

(Death for me is simply a hard brutal wall that I'll one day slam into, and it'll be over - all the more reason to focus on what's important to me, and not give any jacktards, socially speaking, more attention than I need to. In the meantime, I got worthwhile writers - like yourself - to appreciate, and bills to pay.) =P

Jerry said...

I'll be cliche a touch here...only one life to live...we start dying when we are born but at some point questions need to be replaced with periods or at least ... Thanks for sharing these thoughts...

Olivia said...

Very well written.
You have discussed that big thing here so beautifully!

There are many theories behind this. Some say it's soul and meet Karmas, balances before it meets salvation.

It evens out all the odds but not before you have been through Life's maze!

Hugs xx

Dulce said...

The eternal questions... who no one dares answer... for who knows?
and if he knew, i wonder how different it'd all be....
great OSW

Anonymous said...

The answer to that question seems to be a very personal one. So many different beliefs...

I like that you brought up the question and did such a good job of it--thank you!

Reggie said...

Hi everyone...I appreciate your comments and I promise to reply to all. I have been working six days and later hours. I will also visit your sites.

Thanks again.

Reggie said... are so right about that...

@Steve...All I can say is that I really enjoyed your comment...and it is greatly appreciated.

@Jerry...yes we do...and I'm enjoying the journey...thanks.

@Olivia...Thank so much...and you are right, so many theories...let's focus on life's maze...I agree.

@Dulce...That is a very good question...and thank you.

@bodhirose...It is a question few wish to discuss, including myself. I'd much rather focus on life...thank you

Lolamouse said...

You ask a lot of interesting questions that have intrigued many people for many years. Too bad we will never know until it's too late to tell anyone! Ever read the story about the waterbugs and the dragonflies? Similar theme.

Unknown said...

Please feel free to share 1 to 3 poems with our potluck poetry today, first time participants could use old poems or poems unrelated to our theme, Thanks..
Happy Monday!

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