Monday, April 12, 2010

World Class

Since I have finished my required education many years ago, The world has become my classroom and society is my textbook. When I wake up in the morning, Class has begun. 

No matter how I prepare myself for the day, mentally, physically, emotionally, I will learn something. I will learn to control my anger when I may not want to at that time. I will see things that I have seen time and time again, but hopefully with appreciation. 

Sometimes the textbook is hard to understand and I may not always find the answers to questions right away. I don't always have pleasant learning experiences, but I am learning. 

Class changes without giving notice, sometimes it is welcomed, sometimes the change frustrates, but I move on and continue to learn. Class allows me to make my own decisions and I have to live with the outcome. Yes, some good, some bad. 

There are times when Class can be so overbearing, and I wish I didn't have to attend, and the textbook can be very cruel, but I'm in it and while in it, I choose to learn and to get the most out of it. 

Am I better because of it? I'd like to think so. This is our world, and it is, World Class. 


Brian Miller said...

life is a classroom...and we may not always understand it in the moment but it teaches us daily...nice...truth

Globeonmytable said...

I really love this piece and have it on the top right hand corner of my blog, along with other encouraging links.

Reggie said...

Thank you for your appreciation for this post. I still get that feeling when I read it as if I'm writing it for the first time.

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