Sunday, November 21, 2010

Some Time Out

I have been blessed with another day to fulfill and I am thankful for that. What will I do with this day? I haven't made any special plans to do anything. Some Sunday's are a laundry day for me if I don't get it done on Saturday. This weekend I was able to get one load done late yesterday. I'll get the other load today.

It is a bright sunny day and I just opened the blinds to allow the vitamin D to shine on in. It will no doubt warm up a tad in here but not much because it is not a hot sun this time of least not here in Virginia Beach. I like being in an area that I can go about without heavy gear on in November.

I went to the Zoo with Darcel and the grandkids yesterday. I don't get out much and she invited me along...mostly because she knew I needed it. I had been venting some frustration to Darcel lately and I'm sure she figured I needed a change of some sort...even if only for a couple of hours. It did help and I enjoyed the time with them. It wasn't crowded and I think that made it more enjoyable. 
Darcel took pictures and I keep forgetting I have a camera on my phone, so by the time I remember, we had passed all the large animals, but I did get a shot or two before they got out of their environment remains to be told.

They weren't wild so I guess it was ok.


Brian Miller said...

nice. the zoo is always fun...used to live in VA beach back in the day...pretty area...

Reggie said...

Thanks Brian. I've only been here for a couple of years...still feels sort of new to me.

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