Thursday, February 24, 2011

What Life Does

I have won the Perfect Poet Award for week 38 from Thursday Poetry Rally  and I most graciously accept this award. Thank you Jingle for the award and to Leo and Kavita and to all who voted for me.

My nomination goes to Dennis Go.

Here is my acceptance poem.

What Life Does

Life is a teacher
Life is a friend
The sun that warms
The moon, reflecting it's light

Dishing out the unknown
Forming choices to receive 
That is not our choosing
Option only to handle it

Life is our mentor
Life is our judge
Life is our baggage
The bags are heavy laden

Thrust us, ourselves
Into this space
This time
That is life

Stand firm 
Yes it hurts
Sway not
Sure it stings

It's mark is deep
And felt for years
Wear it well
Wear it proud

Shed the tears
For this is cleansing
Refresh the mind
Restore the body

Make ready 
For life awaits
It's next move
Is at the door

So love this life
In all it has
The good, the bad
The pain, it's joy

Life is never our enemy
Never our foe
It is not always fair
But always honest

So many things
Life is
But all in all
Life is

Our teacher, Our friend
Here for the learning
To strengthen us 
To make us

That's What Life Does


Reggie White Jr. said...

Dad, that's awesome! Congrats!

Reggie said...

Thanks Reg...uh, what about the poem? :-)

Hyde Park Poetry Palace said...

link this one to poets rally week 39 if you wish.

Hyde Park Poetry Palace said...

lovely nomination, I will mark you down as accepted.

sorry for missing your post.

Reggie said...

@Promising Poets...I barely got it in under the was easy to miss.

Anonymous said...

Here here! to our teacher!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! And thank you for the wonderful presentation of the greatest, living, and active teacher -- life!

Anonymous said...

ah a fellow teacher! nice poem!

Anonymous said...

This beautiful life..where would we be without it? :)
Nicely written.

Anonymous said...

lovely write and congrats on your wk 38 award! my wk 39 is here..

Rashmi said...

Yes ...this life is our real teacher...Nice write...

Anonymous said...

LOVED IT! I think you have just summed up life in those lines! Especially the way you have presented life as a teacher for each one of us!
It totally opened up a new perspective for me altogether. THanks!

Reggie said...

I so love your comments and promise to reply to all of them. I have been working six days and longer hours...physically and mentally exhausted when I get home. I will also stop by your sites as well.

Thank you

Lolamouse said...

well said! not always fair but always honest-so true!

Vinay Leo R. said...

yes, Reggie.. life is indeed all that u say it is :) loved that life is a teacher and mentor part :D

My Thursday Poets Rally 39 Entry

batsick said...

Life is always filled with obstacles, there to teach you to dodge them every step of the way. Here's mine

Other Mary said...

Good take on life. Like the idea of life-long learning and learning from life. Our attitude toward life makes a big difference.

Reggie said...

@lunawitch15..gotta love the teacher!

@bendedspoon...thanks so much!


@wordsasunder...I guess we would be lost?...thank you


@Rashmi...we learn so much from life

@clariice...I have had life in general on my mind and it comes out in my writes.

@Reggie...oh wait...that's me :-)

@Lolamouse...that line rings in my head...

@Leo...If we don't learn from life itself...then we're not paying

@Shigune Matsui...Ah yes...obstacles...they make us strong.

@Mary...Yes it does...

dakshi said...

so lovely...

Reggie said...

@dakshi...Thank you :-)

Olivia said...

A mind blowing ode!!
Very well done Reggie.. :) I loved this!

Hugs xx

Reggie said...

Thanks Olivia!!

Sorry for the delay in getting back to internet.


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