Monday, February 21, 2011

You Deserve

You are life and you deserve
The best and so preserve
Because this world is full
Of things to destroy, no bull

You are life, full of fire
Seek what you wish and desire
Never say never, for you never know
In this world how things will go

You are life all is not lost
Strive to survive at all cost
Funnel your anger into useful ploy
You will find so much to enjoy

Life has, a learning curve
In this world, get all you deserve

This is my Poetry Potluck entry


Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

get all you deserve, agree.

you deserve the best.
Thanks for linking.


Reggie said...

Thanks Ji...I so wanted to do the theme but I'm still not quite there yet...this was sitting on the shelf.

Anonymous said...

yes never say never...for the best :)

Anonymous said...

nice advice.. my potluck's here:

Brian Miller said...

sounds like you are making some positive turns reggie...

Reggie said...

@ bendedspoon...I know it's easier said than done...thank you.


@Brian...the journey continues...thank you

Kavita said...

Aww.. isn't that the best advice??! That's certainly THE way to live life... Keep learning, and keep enjoying what you learn.. awesome!
Really liked the positive message in your poem, Reggie.. very nice..

Reggie said...

@Kavita...I know it's easier to write than it is to implement, but it does help to read.

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