Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 16



I am now into day 16 of my 30 day blog challenge.

I really don't consider it a challenge anymore. 

Now it is a welcome addition. I can tell my life's story in as many ways as I choose to express myself. 

It gives me the opportunity to express myself with the help of photographs from the internet...

Copyright 2010
Copyright 2010
 ...or my own artwork and designs with the help of software.
Copyright 2010

Sometimes it doesn't take long to put something together, but I can sit for hours at a time and bring different artwork together in a fashion I think will be pleasing in the eyes of the public.
Copyright 2010
Courtesy of Photobucket

Yes I do have setbacks that have a habit of taking the wind out of the sails.  

And as I continue to recover from my most recent setback... 

...I have a Heart that reminds me that there are times like this and that I can fix this.

Besides I am also reminded that I am not just doing this for me. There is a coming generation that will be facing hard times in this struggling economy. I'm trying to build a foundation for them to hopefully continue on...if not then a foundation for them to build on.

Happy Birthday Nakiah


Brian Miller said...

i think keeping the younger generation in mind as we go about our day is hugely important...and good that you have that creative outlet as well...

Reggie said...

thank you Brian, that means a lot to me

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