Thursday, December 16, 2010

Counting Down

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I'm coming into the final 4 days of my 30 day blog challenge. 
As I said earlier, it doesn't seem like a challenge anymore. 

I originally thought this was going to be difficult, but it has proven to be rather refreshing. 

Sure there were a few times when I felt as if I was coming up short, but it's like I said before, I have trouble opening up at times...then I had a's only what I choose to make available.

That's not the real issue though. 

I like to express myself in different ways. I like to incorporate my own style in what I do, as do so many others. I guess the trouble is figuring out how I want to present my thought. 

Just when I think I've
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Things happen to make a change. Sometimes change is good even if it takes me out of my comfort zone. 

Surely I would have learned something along the way....isn't that's what life is all about? 

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