Wednesday, December 29, 2010

it has me too

Courtesy of Photobucket

if i wander too far
will i find my way back?
what awaits around  the bend
will i be afraid to venture?
or excited to see

the obstructions that tend to slow me down
how will i find the proper way to handle
will it come easy
or do i search endlessly

the rules of the game are
there are no rules
doesn't seem fair
life has the advantage

that means i have to work harder
work through the obstructions
it's ok to be afraid
just make sure i move forward

i will search and i will find 
life has the advantage 
and it has me too


Brian Miller said... is a journey man...i like your should drop it over at one shot sometime...

Reggie said...

Thanks Brian...I have to admit that I have thought about it (one shot) and I just may consider doing it sometime...although I don't write a lot of poetry...I appreciate the invite and your kind words.

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