Monday, December 6, 2010

A Good Day

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After realizing this morning I had gotten up for work and didn't need to because I had the day off, it took me awhile to settle in. 

It was like my mind and body had to make the adjustment....weird. I thought that after knowing I can relax, I would feel like I usually do on a day off.

I tried to get a little more sleep this morning but that wasn't going to happen, but I was able to nap around 1:00...just a cat nap. 

I reinstalled some software on the pc.

I did some window shopping online for some pc components. I wondered which would be better right now to cut cost, an uprade or a laptop. I have to research that. I will eventually get a laptop. I like that the lap will be portable. 

If I upgrade the pc first, I want to get a touch screen monitor to get the full effect of Windows 7. 

We'll see.

I made a point of doing as little as possible today and I do believe I succeeded. 

Oh, I almost forgot... the party pictures are on Darcel's facebook page, so I won't link there, but I will link to her post for Nakiah's birthday. 

That's all I have for now except that,    

Today was a good day.

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Brian Miller said...

hey a good day is a good day...and i will take that...could use one of those days myself..smiles.

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