Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ever Since

Ever since will never be in the now
It will always have a past
No matter how we try 
Ever since will always be in remembrance

Ever since that happened is done
I was never able to recover
Ever since I came back
It was never the same 

Try as you may
Try as you might
To bring what was to now
Ever since is a thing of the past

Ever since I can remember
Speaks of what was
It is done and said
What will become of ever since?

It was a beginning when it was
First brought into the universe
The scheme of things
Ever since I've known that to be

All ever since had a beginning
Which will lead to an end
But the end is not yet
Ever since I can remember 

this is for One Shot


moondustwriter said...

I love this. There are so many angles it can speak of a relationship or love. There is a history that will always be part of the story

Excellent flow as well

thanks for sharing with One Shot

Reggie said...

Thanks moondustwriter...mighty nice of you to say.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Beautiful sense of returning to a pulsing phrase and then it is linked with a contrasting reflection! Delightful!

Brian Miller said...

nice word play reggie...we can not cling so tightly to the past that we miss the now and ultimately where we are going...great one shot

Reggie said...

All of you have given me some new ideas on how to use this again...LOVE YOU GUYS.

Thanks Greyscale and Brian...love you're support

Moon, I'm workin that out in my head already thanks to you :-)

Anonymous said...

To me it starts out with a tone of regret, but the last stanza takes a turn toward hope for the future. Well done.

Reggie said...

...there is always hope.

Thank you randallweiss

Harshika said...


Hope said...

as long as there is a future there will always be a past
and as long as there is a past there will be 'ever since'
ever since I started blogging, i have met so many awesome/interesting people, poetry lovers and poets and i would like to count you in as one them as well

thank you for your poem
well written and thought provoking
looking forward to reading more from you

thank you for your visit and comment
take care!
I loveit

Claudia said...

"Ever since will never be in the now
It will always have a past"
you had me with these first lines...lots to think about in your poem...

Reggie said...

Thank you Harshika

Hope, thank you for your thoughtfulness and kind words.

Claudia, I'm thinking of doing a series with "ever since" because it can go so many different ways...thank you.

Fay Campbell said...

I REALLY like that.

Reggie said...

Thank you Fay's Too

Anonymous said...

So thought provoking and full of imagery!! I just think this is brilliant my friend!! oxo

Reggie said...

Thanks so much buttercup600

PattiKen said...

I really like this a lot, Reggie. There is so much truth here. I found myself leaving it up for a while and reading it again and again.

Thanks for stopping by my place and for your kind words.

Shashidhar Sharma said...

Its a cycle that does not really have an end.. I enjoyed reading this one.. thanks for sharing...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

Anonymous said...

Ever since always conjures a past but not to a specific place or time. A nice poem.

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