Sunday, January 16, 2011

They Two Became One

The night is festive, alive and upbeat
Girls night out
So seems the same for the men
It begins, the signs to see

The look in the eye
The rustle of the hair
A quick stare that lingers
A smile ensues 

The language of the body
Begins it's course
The look from the eye is happy 
For indeed the smile is a sign

He does the man walk with a swagger 
Knowing this language will surely arouse
The senses of this female 
Who has herself begun her move

Her smile has not diminished, no not in the least
As a matter of fact it spreads even more
She dips her head a bit
And with the stroke of the hand

She brushes the hair back
Revealing her ear, she lifts her eyes
He spots some love in those eyes?
What language they speak

The language of the body 

They become close over the space of time
He knows it is right, yes it is right
He looks into eyes that have smiled
The smile of love 

As he begins to speak, both hearts are pounding
The air is filled with anticipation
He reaches and retrieves, the box
Surely she speaks to herself and not aloud

This is a good sign

The box is opened to reveal the ring
As he speaks the words, Will you marry me?
These eyes of love are filled now with tears
She accepts from this man, this symbol of love

The space of time continued as plans were made
And the time has come on this a wedding day
The vows are said, the marriage is done
For in the space of time, they two became one

this is my poetry potluck entry...hope this qualifies

week 18 Theme: Languages, Signs and Symbols

Thank You 'Love Life Poems'


Kavita said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! This soooo qualifies for the potluck theme, Reggie!! It's a "perfect match"!! :)

Simply loved loved loved this poem... very sweetly written!!

Reggie said...

Thanks Kavita, you're too kind.

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...


language of the body?
you rocked on it.

Happy Potluck!

Reggie said...

Thanks so much Jingle

Anonymous said...

nice.. thank you for sharing! here's my potluck..

Reggie said...

Thanks fiveloaf

Lyn said...

The language of the body doesn't happy to read about happiness at last!

rmpWritings said...

I enjoyed the journey of signs between the two as time passed. Very nice.

Tashtoo said...

Still trying to figure out the potluck...but I thought this was a wonderful write! Very much enjoyed :)

Reggie said...

@ Lyn, happy to oblige :), @mpWritings glad you enjoyed the journey, @Natasha this is my second time in, first with the theme, glad you liked.

Thanks to all :-)

Anonymous said...

I thought it was initial flirting.. good to find the love fresh enough to continue to flirt. Great write.

Reggie said...

Thanks booguloo

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

Some Awards 4 you, please help visiting 2 or 3 poets to give birthday wishes, Thanks!

Your support is valued!

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