Saturday, January 15, 2011

Life Has

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The path of the unknown is dark and bright. It is bumpy, curvy, hills abound, mountains are not moved but a way is made. The atmospheric conditions for the most part are predictable, but uncertainty looms on any horizon, at the doorstep of a given sunset. 

I would love to have clear skies for visibility. Dry pavement for support. A light wind to be free of stagnant air.

As we travel along the path, see the beauty of life. Witness the trees giving way to the wind, swaying in appreciation, the leaves applauding. Those same leaves in another season, dancing along the ground...close your eyes and listen, it is truly a beautiful dance. 

The path renders lessons to hold, lessons to give.

The journey can be relentless, unkind, brutal and at times devastating. The unknown of the journey does not care how we feel, what we want or need. It too is on a mission and at times that is to create chaos. Other times we benefit from it's pleasure. There are times when the unknown of the journey will lift us or bring something, someone alongside for a moment to comfort, to help, to encourage.

We fear the unknown.

It is because we are bred to fear?

Yes, life times that comes in the form of the unknown.    



Darcel said...

Very nice and so true!

Brian Miller said...

you have eloquently captured the you have seen i have walked the shadows here of late but glad we found each other along the path...thanks for the smiles today...

Reggie said...

Almost two years have come since this post was first published and I just realized I hadn't responded to you Darcel and Brian. Thanks to both of you for your words of appreciation.

Darcel my daughter for your encouragement for the times I wanted to give up writing on my blog.

Brian for your enlightenment as I struggled along the way and to help give me direction.

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